Disruption Part 2 of 2

Disruption Part 2 of 2

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Let’s recap Disruption Part 1. First, if you haven’t seen that episode please go to https://thegeneanddaveshow.com/disruption-part-1-of-2/ to view it . In that episode we learned that people with disabilities were using art as a medium to disrupt societies perception of people with disabilities. We saw the parody of Helen Keller by the Mickee Faust club . “But before we hear about Drag syndrome, let’s hear about the making of Mickee Faust’s The Miracle Worker.”

In Disruptions Part 2 we learn about Terry’s motivation to create that video.   After another spirited discussion of disruption, we see a film about Drag Syndrome, which is a performance group out of the UK. They are so disruptive that they were initially banned from performing at a theater in Michigan.  Open minded fans found another venue for Drag Syndrome at which to perform.


  • Celia Hughes – Executive Director, Art Spark Texas
  • Gene Rodgers – Co-Host & Producer, The Gene and Dave Show
  • David Dauber – Co-Host & Editor, The Gene and Dave Show
  • Christopher Smit – Executive Director/ Co-founder, DisArt
  • Jill Vyn – Executive Director/Co-founder, DisArt
  • Terry Galloway – Artistic Director/ Co-founder, The MIckee Faust Club
  • Donna Marie Nudd – Professor, Florida State University, School of Communication, Executive Director/Co-founder, The Mickee Faust Club
  • Diane Wilkins – Diane Wilkins Productions, Tallahassee Florida