Disruption Part 1 of 2

Disruption Part 1 of 2

Audio Described version.

This episode of the Gene and Dave Show is all about DISRUPTION. Not to be confused with interruption.

Disruption is the change of course, a new way of doing or viewing events or products. A good example is the iPhone.  It totally changed the way we use smart phones.  Disruption in this case is a good thing. Or it can be a bad thing.  COVID-19 is also a disruption.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about using art, in this case, video, as a medium to create disruption.  The artist will attempt to disrupt the way the general public perceives people with disabilities.

Gene and Dave have asked Art Spark Texas Executive Director, Celia Hughes to lead us in this discussion.  Other participants include:

Christopher Smit and Jill Vyn, Executive Directors/Co-founders of DisArt.  Now do you understand?  Wait, there’s more!

Chris will moderate a lively discussion of our episode. As fodder for discussion, we’ll view the movie Annie Apologia, created by Terry Galloway, Artistic Director, and Donna Marie Nudd, Executive Director, both Co-founders, The Mickee Faust Club.

Now do you get it?  Now you see why we split this show into two episodes?

Rather than explain it all here, enjoy Disruption Part 1 and YOU try and figure out what were all about.  Prepare to be amazed by this fine cast of characters.


Celia Hughes

Executive Director, Art Spark Texas

Gene Rodgers

Producer, The Gene and Dave Show

David Dauber

Editor, The Gene and Dave Show

Christopher Smit

Executive Director/ Co-founder, DisArt

Jill Vyn

Executive Director/Co-founder, DisArt

Terry Galloway

Artistic Director/ Co-founder, The MIckee Faust Club

Donna Marie Nudd

Professor, Florida State University, School of Communication

Executive Director/Co-founder, The Mickee Faust Club

Diane Wilkins

Diane Wilkins Productions, Tallahassee Florida

Disruptions Part 2 coming soon…