We love getting e-mail from folks that visit our site and watch our show. Here are a

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few of the more frequently asked questions we’ve received and of course there answers.

Where can I watch The Gene and Dave Show?

You can always see the shows on this site or the public television, Austin Access, on your Austin cable provider.

How do I get started with “My Story” and how do I submit it?

Write down the lessons you’ve learned or what steps you took to build a satisfying life. Collect pictures and/or video of yourself and anything else important to you. Tell us what makes that important. If you have an Apple, you can record your narrative and make a movie with iMovie.

If you use Windows, get an Apple and go back to the first step.

Please post your video or slideshow story to Youtube and send the link AND a transcript to Gene@TheGeneAndDaveShow.com.

Are Dave and Gene Available for Special Events?

Dave and Gene are proud to serve the community, schedule conflicts notwithstanding. Shoot us a request and we’ll see what we can do.

Why Do Your Graphics and Transitions Appear Blurred in Your First Episode – Politics?

Our show was filmed in HD. To use our captioning software, we had to add graphics to the video then convert to SD before running through our captioning software. As a result, the graphics are less than aesthetic and transitions between scenes often look less than professional. Our captioning software quit working after we captioned about 98% of our show. Technical support can’t figure out how to resolve the problem.

This page was last updated on February 18, 2019