The Price is Wrong!

Gene and Dave do a lot of work that most folks never hear about. For example, Gene spent a lot of time writing and setting up the scenes to film “The Price is Wrong!” As a producer, he has to “make things happen.”

Dave looks at two people standing behind podiums

In this scene, Gene recruited several staff from the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities office, found a room that could simulate a game show stage, and enhanced the scene. They only had 1 podium; Gene had to create the illusion, on video, that that they had 2 podiums. He also created the “The Price is Wrong” signs. Dave made an appearance to add credibility.

The idea was to use a game show venue to illustrate the high cost of Durable Medical Equipment (DME). They filmed the whole scene and edited it. This clip was supposed to be included in the show on assistive technology. Gene and Dave realized though, that the quality just isn’t what their fans have grown to expect. Even Gene concedes he could have written it better. Perhaps it’ll be improved sometime and included elsewhere. Perhaps it’ll get posted to Youtube if Gene and Dave get enough response from their audience. Until then, it’s just one of those things that never really sees the light of day, but too good to be included in our bloopers.

Dave sites in front of computer screens and controls