The Best of The Gene and Dave Show

The Best of Gene and Dave Show


Gene and Dave had a hard time picking out the best clips from all of the shows they produced over the past 12 years. In this episode, they take you on a journey of a few of their favorite segments of The Gene and Dave Show.

One thing is for certain, every year Gene and Dave go to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. They are always looking for the newest and greatest technology and services to share with viewers.  Sometimes, they experience some pretty revolutionary things. In the first segment, they interview an intergalactic star, R2-D2 from Star Wars, at SXSW. In a repeated SXSW scenario, Dave is both in front, and behind the camera, as he films himself looking for Gene at SXSW.

Gene and Dave like to have fun with people who may be new to the disability scene. In an effort to educate, they created Mr. Clueless. They truly want to thank Seton for letting them film at the Healthcare Family facility, and for lending Gene and Dave one of their employees, Chris Glenn. It’s a wonder that Chris’ acting abilities haven’t been discovered by a Hollywood agent.

In addition to filming events around town, they clarify information that may be otherwise quite confusing to folks. In this clip, Dave uses his voice-over talents along with some video editing expertise to explain an underground scam involving handicapped placards. In this clip, you may recognize their celebrity guests, John Travolta and Samuel Jackson.

In a clip written by Gene with Dave in the director seat, they educate the general public about disability misconceptions in a video entitled, “Because You are Disabled.”  They had a lot of fun filming this video and had to do several takes to keep a straight face in this workplace relationship farce.

One of Dave’s all-time favorite show experiences was being invited to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the 2012 Southwestern Conference on Disabilities. He traveled with his family and two attendants in a marathon road trip across Texas and New Mexico. Dave met many talented artists, including a blind painter and a one-legged cyclist.

Looking back over the years, it was easy to pick this clip for The Best of Gene and Dave episode.  Dear Wheelchair Maker demonstrates why we need wheelchairs built in a certain way. Filmed on several continents, this video was filmed over a period of years.

These guys have met many celebrities while filming The Gene and Dave show.  One celebrity, a legislator, Patrick Rose, helped them with this star-struck skit.

Much of the Health episode found its way to their “Best of…” list because it demonstrates Gene and Dave resourcefulness. Dave gets pampered at a local spa, Milk and Honey. Consistent with the health theme, chef Mikail Davenport treats Gene to a delicious and nutritious meal. Then, to burn off the calories from his meal, Gene demonstrates his physical prowess on the exercise machines at the Wheelchair Fitness Center, managed by Larry Turner. Not to be outdone by Gene’s exercises, Dave takes on a Richard Simmons persona and leads both the Actual Lives cast and their audience in a fitness regime of his own.

Another pinnacle episode of The Gene and Dave Show is entitled “Behind the Lens”, a brief look into the work of the most famous documentarian photographer, Tom Olin.  Tom shares the stories behind some of his most famous disability documentary photos.

Finally, Gene and Dave take viewers back to the roots of the show. Starting with a simple late-night dream, Gene and Dave take inspiration from one of the most famous skits in all of comedy history. The first on-screen skit they created gave birth to The Gene and Dave Show.  It’s called, “Who works Monday”.