Peoples Passions

Peoples Passions Show Summary

Dave says we have discovered the meaning of life.  That’s because each of us has found our own passion.  If you’re lucky, you found YOUR passion in life.

First up, we have Virginia Rose, who is an avid bird watcher.  Virginia, a wheelchair user, has identified 35 accessible Austin parks, all accessible for bird watchers with mobility impairments.  Virginia has numerous years of experience at bird watching.  To learn more about birding in Austin, go to Virginia’s blog

Contact Virginia at

If sitting very still, looking for birds isn’t your thing, you may want to try running.  A few years back we talked with William Greer about his passion, marathon running.

William, who is legally blind, and directs the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities Film Fest every year, is hooked on running marathons and ultra-marathons, which are marathons of at least 50 miles.  He won First Place, in the men’s division in a recent 50 mile Houston Marathon.

William has many races planned in the near future and is always on the lookout for more.  Contact William at  Keep running William!

Peoples passion can take many forms.  We found one person who’s passion is advocacy.  Jennifer McPhail practically lives at the city council or legislature or wherever advocacy, for people with disabilities, is needed.  This interview was filmed a few years ago but the passion expressed by Jennifer is timeless.  You can reach Jennifer at

If you have a passion, embrace it, if you don’t have a passion, find one!