NCPAD 14 Week Program

Good news folks!  The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability has asked yours truly to participate in their 14 week program to live a healthier lifestyle.  This program has everything a person needs to get their life in order and set realistic goals for losing weight, exercising, and improving focus.  The program starts by giving you information about assessment and your staring point, or baseline.  Then we learn about eating and exercising properly based on our goals.  We are then asked to keep a log of our meals and exercises.  This is very important to me.  If I don’t keep written notes, it is easy for me get lost in “good intentions” without significant material improvement.

If you want to become a “healthier you”, go to to download their free materials and take the pledge to commit to this 14 week program.  Don’t feel like you have to read everything TODAY or see immediate improvement in health.  The important thing is to get a start.  See my video-blog I’m making for NCPAD at

Be sure to say hi to Gene and Dave at the Hilton, downtown, April 7-10.  We’ll be there for the conference sponsored by NCPAD.