Music Show Summary

Our Music show showcases some Austin musicians with disabilities.  We learn how some musicians compose, edit, and play their own music.  We also learn about Music Therapy and how music was used in direct action civil disobedience actions.  We also hear and learn about the Spirit of Goodwill Band, how they were started and became the focus of a movie.

Our Guests

From Blue Mist

Robert Kelly and the Blue Mist Band members

Brad Schultz on (lead guitar)

Rex Pahoa (bass guitar)

Rodney Hyder (drums)

Jimmy Vinson (keyboards, lead and back-up vocals)

Steve Johnson (sax)


Dilka Benitez for Karaoke at Ceviche Place in Puerto Rico


Regina Blye And her interpreter Sharon Ploeger


From the Mary Lee Foundation

Two time Grammy nominee, Jake Williams, accompanied by Martin Veloz


Desiree Sturdevant from Knowbility


Music therapist Meredith Gaines and her student songwriter/singer Michael Tidmore


Jeff Moyer – a multi-talented musician with disabilities.  Jeff’s story includes news footage of HEW Demonstration from CBS.  Learn more about Jeff at


Spirit of Goodwill Band from Miami.  They showed their film “For Once in My Life” at Austin’s SXSW 2010.  See and hear more at and

Other Resources

There are other musicians, with disabilities, in Austin that we weren’t able to fit on our show.  One notable person is D-Madness

On the web, check out Coalition for Disabled Musicians at:

We found a great book, “Music, Disability, and Society” by Alex Lubet and published by Temple Press.  Learn more about this highly acclaimed book at

Other Credits

We want to thank all the folks that contributed to our program.  In no particular order we have:

Our advisors:

Celia Hughes and Dr. Chris Strickling

Ed Browning for his invaluable assistance

Thank you Vince Young Steakhouse for allowing us to film Blue Mist there.

Filmed and Edited by Gene R. Rodgers and David Dauber

Our videographers:

John Middleton, Joni Rogers, Brian Miller, and Brandon Sorrells


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