ADA 30th Anniversary Celebration

ADA 30th Anniversary Celebration

On July 26, 2020, members of ADAPT of Texas braved COVID and pouring rain, by coming to Austin City Hall to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the passage of the ADA.

Jeff Moyer sang the ADA Anthem, which he wrote and played at the Senate the evening of the day of the signing. Jeff recalls, “So the Senators who had had a hand in the ADA lined up, you know the bunch. They all said something. Then Pat Wright and Michael Winter argued in front of everybody. They were in their street Berkeley attire. I was in a light gray suit, white shirt, tie. Anyway, I don’t think they introduced me. No, they did not. So I step to the microphone and give my name and the name of the song.”

Near the end of this tribute, Jeff sings another song he authored, The Power to Prevail.  That song is played against the backdrop of a collection of pictures taken by world famous photography historian, Tom Olin.

Some of the ADAPT members at the celebration include:

  • Carrie Warner
  • Danny Saenz
  • Nicky Boyte
  • Ron Cranston
  • Cathy Cranston
  • Sparky
  • Victor Maceyra
  • Gene Rodgers
  • Bob Kafka
  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Danielle Skidmore
  • Robin Hoffpauir
  • Jean Langendorf
  • Emily Mighton
  • Renee Lopez
  • Nancy Crowthers
  • Phil & Marsha Coleman
  • David Dauber
  • Terri Stellar
  • Elvia Padilla