Actual Lives Founder Galloway Returns to Austin 2009

In preparation for their show on Performance Arts, Gene and Dave jump on the chance to interview Terry Galloway, the co-founder of Actual Lives Austin, along with Dr. Chris Strickling, which is a theater group of people with disabilities who write about and perform actual events in their lives. Terry was also one of the founders of Esther’s Follies on 6th street. Terry now lives in Florida but traveled to Austin for her book signing.

Terry gave us her performance history, which is too long to repeat here. Catch her interview in our Performance Arts TV show. If you miss that, see it on our web page

Find more information on Actual Lives at

Dave adjusts a camera tripod

Dave is so excited he almost drops his heavy duty camera and tripod. Dr. Chris Strickling, the director of Actual Lives for the past 9 years, also graced us with her presence as did Dave’s wife Terri. When the cameras come out, the gang gets a bit goofy.

Gene and Dave pose for the camera with three other people

That’s Dave and Gene in the front row, left to right. Behind them are Terry Galloway, Dr. Chris Strickling, and Dave’s wife, an Actual Lives veteran of 9 years, Terri.