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In March of 2021, the Gene and Dave show was invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Accessible Housing Austin new apartment complex at 1915 Briarcliff. Accessible housing Austin is sometimes known as AHA or pronounced ah-ha. We met with AHA’s Executive Director, Jolene Keene, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Jolene told us how AHA got started and what they were up to now. Jolene told us about their new apartment complex at 1915 Briarcliff, in Austin TX. This apartment complex is 3 stories. It has 27 accessible units in it. Jolene gave us a tour of the complex. Each unit has a roll-in shower, which is almost impossible to find in Austin. The countertops are lowered to make it easy for wheelchair users to get to the stove or sink. Residents can either buy or rent a washer and dryer to put in the utility room. The units how spacious and comfortable.

We also interviewed AHA’s board president, Stephanie Thomas. Stephanie is a co-founding member of Adapt of Texas and has been working in the Accessibility field since forever. Stephanie thanked a huge list of supporters, organizations, and other people that helped AHA build this accessible apartment complex.

Contact Information:

Jolene Keene, Executive Director



1915 Briarcliff Boulevard, Suite 221, Austin, TX 78723


512-640-7781 (For fastest response, please email)

Stephanie Thomas, Board President





Accessible Housing Austin! does not have any current vacancies. For housing inquiries, please email

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