YMCA Sports Expo 2017

YMCA Sports Expo 2017
Show Summary

In this show, Gene and Dave learn about the adaptive sports for people with disabilities, in and around Austin. We went to the TownLake YMCA to meet folks who work in this area. Amongst
them we met:
Tony with Rowing for All. See www.TexasRowingForAll.org and www.TexasRowingCenter.com
Rachel with www.ConnectHearing.com Email her at Rachel.Allen@ConnectHearing.com

Rehab without Walls at www.rehabwithoutwalls.comYou’ve found the right solution for the neurorehabilitation of traumatic brain injury (TBI), acquired brain injury (ABI), spinal cord injury (SCI), and stroke (CVA).  Life begins again with the injured person in their OWN environment with Rehab Without Walls®.

Daniel and Emily, with Texas Stampede on Facebook and FearTheSteer.com These folks organize and play quad rugby.  This program is for people with disabilities, who have 3 or 4 limbs impaired.
Easter Seals
Jeff works in 2 programs, Fit Ability is an exercise center with adapted exercise equipment for people with disabilities. He also works on the Spinal and Neuro- Recovery program which
provides a personal trainer for newly spinal cord injured people.  Both of these programs are at Easter Seals.  See www.easterseals.com/centraltx/our-programs/
There is a link to the Life Center and Jeff’s programs.