The Tom Olin Interview

The Tom Olin Interview

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Since the beginning of American history, groups and individuals alike have fought for their rights of equality in the name of The American Dream. From the Native American Indians to Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King we’ve seen their faces, listened to their voices, and heard their cries for freedom and equality for everyone. Faces, voices, and cries that can never be forgotten. In America’s most recent history, another group has formed to fight for equality. A group that knows no skin color. A group of rich and poor. A group that encompasses both the young and the old. A group of Americans fighting for equality for people with disabilities. In an exclusive interview with a secret weapon of the disability rights movement and acclaimed activism photographer, Tom Olin, joins Gene and Dave for a behind the scenes account of what was really going on when he took those unforgettable photos during the birth of The Americans with Disabilities Act.

In this show, Gene and Dave interview Tom Olin, the famous photographer documentarian of the disability rights movement.
Tom’s work has appeared around the world. In the US, you may have seen his work at the Kennedy Center in D.C. and in the Smithsonian. His photos have graced posters and calendars as well.

Tom also takes the Freedom bus on tour around the country.

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