SXSW Eco 2016

2016 SXSW Eco


We want to thank Brett Cannon of SXSW Publicity for helping us gain access to 2016 SXSW Eco.


Rachel Mardigen and Scott Wilcox, together Co-Founded SXSW Eco.  They started SXSW Eco six years ago to create a platform to advance and promote solutions that would address climate change.  And this, as you all know, has become the single greatest challenge of our time.  Today, SXSW Eco has evolved.  SXSW Eco is celebrating the power of design, technology, business solutions to drive global change and that’s highly important.


Our coverage started with the Press lunch.  This was lunch for media folks, held at Parkside restaurant.  The lunch was originally going to be held upstairs but that was not accessible.  When Dave and I showed up, they moved the lunch downstairs and put up some temporary wheelchair ramps for us. Sometimes just showing up can make things accessible.

Then it was up to Brush Park where we got to interact with some life-size art. We also interviewed and talking bench. The bench was great. The idea was for people to record their stories at the bench so that other people coming to visit the bench later can listen to their stories. I believe the concept was to build a more knowledgeable community. The problem was we couldn’t actually record our story there.  Perhaps we just couldn’t figure out how to do that.


We actually talked to the artist of the TeePee. For more information about the TeePee, contact Jennifer and please see her website.

Jennifer Chenoweth

Austin’s Local Color

512-477-0658 mobile/text

Dave donated $2 to Cool Effects, to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Microsoft Inclusion

We interviewed Sarah and Nathan from Microsoft.  They have a number of videos about inclusive design.  Contact them at

See To see all their movies and get free MS Toolkits.  They are also on Youtube.


The highlight for us watching keynote speaker, one of my heros, Bill Nye.

He explained how exploration is inherently optimistic, talked about Renewable energy is possible now.  He also talked about WWII, how the whole free world defeated Hitler, getting the job done by working together.  My take-away – we can work together for an improved planet and improved access.