Super Sports Saturday (SSS)

Extreme wheelchairs

Extreme wheelchairs

Gene and Dave enjoyed Super Sports Saturday at the Austin Recreation Center on 12th and Lamar.  SSS is Presented by the Seton Brain and Spine Center, sponsored by Austin Rec’ers Wheelchair Basketball Inc. and The Lone Star Paralysis Foundation.  The courts were packed with children and adult wheelchair users who played wheelchair basketball, floor hockey, and indoor wheelchair soccer. It was truly an education for us as we’ve never seen some of these sports or wheelchairs.  Some participants used specially designed chairs with a 5th wheel to keep them from flipping over backward.  The camber of the wheels were set at such an angle that an athlete can make very tight, very fast turns, without falling over

.Floor Hockey game in progress.

Floor Hockey game in progress.

Every SSS is a different sport and venue.  For schedules and more information, contact Larry Turner at or 512-461-1306 also see