Show Me The Money!

On May 6 (Gene’s birthday), Gene and Dave were fortunate enough to receive a $1,500 check from Amerigroup.  Cathy Rossberg, of Amerigroup, is holding the check.  The check was made out to VSA as they sponsor The Gene and Dave Show. The boys already have this money spent on a RAID system and captioning.  We still need at least another $1,000 for captioning so if you or someone you know would like to join the family of Gene and Dave supporters, please contact us at

A big thank you also goes out to David Escame, of Amerigroup, who helped us get started with the application process.

Amerigroup can be found at:


823 Congress Avenue

Suite 1010

Austin, TX 78701


In this picture, Dave is awestruck as Cathy has second thoughts about giving the check to Gene and finally wrestles it away from him.  It’s just as well, Gene didn’t have a wallet big enough in which to put the check.


Our many thanks to Amerigroup.