Indoor Recreation

Season 2

Episode 3: Indoor Recreation

Show Summary

There are many indoor recreational sports, including bowling, hockey, soccer, and basketball, for people who use wheelchairs.

For more information about wheelchair bowling, contact Larry Turner,, at Seton Brain and Spine.   See also, American Wheelchair Bowling Association.

For more information about the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation, contact Mike Haynes, Executive Director,  Mike will be happy to tell you all about other sports for folks who use wheelchairs.

If you use an electric chair, create your own sport like Gene and Dave did when they competed with each other to blow up balloons with their ears.

For more information on Austin Rec’ers basketball, contact Super Dave Wear, at davidwear@yahoo.comor, go to Dave is a former paralympic athlete in shot put, Discus, javelin and table tennis.

Learn about curling at