Garth Corbett

Garth CorbettGarth A. Corbett is a Senior Attorney in the Legal Service Unit at Advocacy, Incorporated.  He joined Advocacy, Inc. in June 1990 and specializes in developmental disabilities issues.  Prior to joining Advocacy, Inc., Mr. Corbett worked as a supervising attorney with the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program, Alabama’s statewide protection and advocacy agency.  In August 1985, he was employed as a Clinical Supervising Attorney with the University of Alabama Law School’s clinical program supervising the Elderlaw Program.  Prior to that, Garth worked as a staff attorney for the Legal Services Corporation of Alabama with the Legal Aid Bureau in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mr. Corbett received his J.D. from Antioch Law School; M.S. in Urban Affairs from Hunter College of the City University of New York; and B.A. in Political Science from Canisuis College in Buffalo, New York.

He has been a speaker at conferences of the Texas Municipal Court Training Center and the National Disabilities Rights Network in Washington, D.C.


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