Dave is co-hosting the CTD Film Festival

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The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities have always been huge supporters and fans of The Gene and Dave Show.  This year they’ve asked Gene and Dave to help host their Cinema Touching Disability film festival at The Alamo Draft House on Lamar.  Gene, unfortunately, is unavailable for this event, but Dave will be there fully charged and ready to roll.  Come one, come all to this awesome event.

Friday, October 5th, and Saturday, October 6th, in the evening, the fun will commence at Alamo Draft House South Lamar.  Below, is a summary of what things you will experience on each night.  Read through both nights, then buy a $10 voucher by clicking on the night(s) that you want to attend.  A voucher guarantees your seat and doubles as a $10 discount off your dinner bill (including adult beverages), which makes admission FREE.  How can you beat that???

Friday, Oct. 5th at 7pm:

– Hear from some of the writers who entered our Pen 2 Paper Writing Competition
– Look at photos from our first annual Adjusted Lens Photo Competition Showcase
– Watch short films from our Secondary Level Showcase
– Feature Film: Shooting Beauty is about a fashion photographer who is inspired to work with a group of people with significant disabilities after visiting their community center and discovering that they took some of the most beautiful and artistic photographs.  She, then, sets out to find ways to adapt cameras for everyone in the group.

Saturday, Oct. 6th at 7pm:

– Watch short films from our Emerging Level Showcase.  There will be an awards ceremony in this showcase and you, the audience, will also get to pick your favorite.
– See a live demonstration by a Houston mixed-ability martial arts team, All-Star Martial Arts.  If you’re seated in the front row, you may get picked to be a volunteer in the demonstration!
– Feature Film: The Master of the Flying Guillotine.  Both of the film’s protagonists are people with disabilities who are very dangerous!  The assassin, who is blind, stalks the one armed boxer to avenge the murder of two of his students.  The Master of the Flying Guillotine was shot in 1976 and is one of the most famous films of the genre because of it’s story and amazing action scenes.