Around Austin

 Around Austin

In this show, Gene and Dave share their experiences they’ve had with local disability related groups including Knowbility, Body Shift, Constable 5, our old friend, Jeff Moyer, and ADAPT.  Our guest interviewees and their organizations, in order of appearance, are:

Knowbility, Inc.

Sharon Rush, Executive Director

1033 La Posada Drive, Suite 372

Austin, TX 78752


Phone: 512-527-3138

TTY: 800-735-2989

We interviewed Sharron who told us about Knowbility’s annual event, Open AIR (Accessibility Internet Rally). They match nonprofits with web development companies in a competition to make the most accessible and aesthetic webpage.

Knowbility, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the independence of children and adults with disabilities by promoting the use and improving the availability of accessible information technology.

Body Shift

Olivia O’Hare, Director

We found out about dancing opportunities for people with and without disabilities. Ollie told us how they do it and how you can get involved. Body Shift is often seen in action on the streets of Austin.

Body Shift is based on the idea that we all move in interesting and compelling ways. Body Shift is an ongoing project in mixed-ability dance, co-sponsored by Forklift Danceworks and VSA Texas.  Find them on Facebook:

DanceAbility is a method that uses some fundamental principles which are sensation, relationship, time, and design. So they’re kind of the elements that makes dance and choreography, and Alito Alessi has distilled those elements down to make them more accessible to a wider swath of people, and uses language that is more open. So it makes dance more accessible to more people.


Bob Kafka

1640-A E. 2nd Street

Austin, Texas

Ph 512-442-0252

ADAPT is a disability rights advocacy organization.  It’s also a great place to learn about resources for people with disabilities.

In addition to Bob telling us about the Fun Run happening April 2, at Yellow Jackets Stadium, which is on 11th and Rosewood, Cathy and David read off a list of activities or accomplishments in which ADAPT was involved.

If folks want information or they want someone to do a presentation to their group, they can contact Bob Kafka at 512-442-0252, which is the ADAPT office, or they can call Bob directly at his cell phone, 512-431-4085, and if you want to look to see what the website looks like, the fun run website where you would register is and ADAPT really would appreciate your support.

Disabled Parking Enforcement

Tanya Winters and Constable Lopez

Tanya Winters, Volunteer Coordinator

Disabled Parking Enforcement

Office of Carlos B. Lopez

Ph 512-854-9100 x 35047

Tanya Winters and Constable Lopez told us about Austin’s Disabled Parking Enforcement program.  People with disabilities are trained to enforce handicapped parking by issuing parking tickets to violators.  Gene was so impressed with the program that he took the training to become a volunteer with the program.  He can now write tickets to parking violators.

Jeff Moyer

Jeff is a musician and disability rights activist.  Has given free concerts in Austin when he comes here to visit family.  Jeff shared with us his two of his most memorable civil rights moments.  See them on our show.

Jeff brought with him his newest CD, “Peace Sweet Peace”. The songs address the emotional, spiritual and interpersonal needs of people approaching the end of life and bring comfort to the grieving. These song lyrics focus on the cycle of life, continuation of the soul, love, gratitude, forgiveness and inner peace.  You can get “Peace, Sweet Peace” CD at and iTunes.

Learn more about Jeff at!services/ceox and

Other musicians at